Get ready to crush it!

Week One

Are you ready for a mind blowing first week? Because that’s what you can expect at Walmart this summer. Interns from all of our major locations are coming to our headquarters in Bentonville to onboard, network, learn, and of course, have fun.

Downtown Bentonville

Welcome Party

We're kicking things off with a party at the Bentonville Square. This is your chance to meet and mingle with other interns before a full day of orientation. After dinner, grab some ice-cream at the Spark Café or coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab. And be sure to visit the Walmart Museum to see where it all began.

Shuttles available for non-driving interns. (Hotel to event @ 5:30pm / Event back to hotel @ 8:15pm)


What's in store for the summer? What does the future hold for Walmart? Where’s my swag? All of these questions and more will be answered at orientation. You’ll hear from a host of great speakers, learn about the company, connect with your peers, and officially join the family.

Shuttles available for non-driving interns. (Hotel to event @ 7:45am / Event back to hotel @ 4:45pm)
Walmart Shareholders

Walmart Shareholders

You’ve never seen a corporate meeting like this. Walmart Shareholders is what you get when you mix a business meeting with Coachella. You’ll join thousands of associates from around the world in celebration of our culture and mission. The company’s biggest leaders will be on stage recapping the last year and proclaiming where we’re going next. Plus, previous special guests include Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, and Alicia Keys. So there’s that.

Shuttles available for all interns other than Fayetteville-based ones. (Hotel to event @ 5am / Event back to hotel @ ~11am)
Saturday Morning Meeting

Saturday Morning Meeting

Don’t let the name fool you, the post-Shareholders party continues on Saturday morning. You’ll hear from even more business leaders as we dive deeper into the company’s performance and goals for the year.

Note: If you’re interning on one of the coasts, you’ll fly back to that location on Saturday instead so that you have plenty of time to get settled in.

Shuttles available for non-driving interns. (Hotel to event @ 7:30am / Event back to hotel @ ~10am)
Plane Window


Arrival: When you arrive in XNA on Wednesday, June 5, you'll be greeted by our relo team. They're on hand to answer questions and guide you to the hotel shuttles. Be sure to say hello!

While You're Here: We'll provide food and transportation for each of the above events. Coastal interns who are temporarily traveling to Bentonville will be given a per diem to cover other meal costs. Expenses beyond that, such as rideshares, will be your responsibility.

Departure: Interns from our coastal locations will fly back on Saturday, June 8. We'll shuttle you from your hotel to XNA.

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